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“Finally – How to quickly and Easily Crank Out a Powerful Selection Criteria Application In Less Than 1/2 the Time, Stand Out From All Other Applications and Then – Have the Interview Panel Hot on the Phone Begging You to Turn Up for an Interview…”


Stop writing selection criteria the hard way. Here’s how to quickly find selection criteria examples and access selection criteria answers and templates fast.

A message from the creator of Selection Criteria Writer

Mr Glenn Ayrton

Glenn Ayrton Author of Selection Criteria Writer

If you are serious about an application that will get you an interview, then grab a coffee and read every single word on this page.. it’s that important… (even if you are at work at the moment)

Whether you are new to government or are an expert with years of experience, I’m confident you know which of the following statements is true

1. “The Best person for the job is always successful when applying for for government positions”

2. “Usually, the best selection criteria writer is successful when applying for government positions”

Have you ever missed out on a position and shook your head in disbelief when you found out who got it? I have too!

It’s no secret that it’s the best writer that is typically invited to an interview when in all likelihood the best person for the job with possibly much better skills and experience misses out by a whisker with the panel giving some feedback like ‘just a couple of words were missing from your application’.

Has that ‘best person’ for the job ever been you?  And has it shocked you when someone else with a fraction of your skills and experience lands the job!  It’s happened to me to…..

That’s why I’ve developed this system.

I think the system is unfair and I want to make a difference.  I personally invite you to take the time (even if you are at work) to see exactly what my system can do for you.

Quite Frankly,

It does not have to be that hard…


My name is Glenn Ayrton and I am the author of Selection Criteria Writer.  Over the past 20 years, I have held a diverse range of roles at local and state government level.  I have worked in private enterprise and ran my own training consultancy.

I have assisted hundreds of people apply for government positions, assessed hundreds of selection criteria applications and for a number of years specialised in resume and selection criteria writing as well as interview coaching.

I’ve helped many people enter the public service and fast track their career in government.

Recently after helping a good friend successfully land a promotion and substantial pay increase, it became clear  that my method was a consistent step by step process that could help a lot of people and I know you need help.  All I had to do was put it together into an easy to use structured system.

This system includes everything that job applicants need at their fingertips including selection criteria examples, step by step guidance to addressing selection criteria as well as selection criteria samples.

I don’t know you, but I know for a fact that you have come to this site for help and that you may be in desperate need for selection criteria examples, answers, templates, maybe all of these.  Well it’s time to breathe easy.

Here’s why…

I’ve spent the past two years developing this system to solve this situation and provide a solution that really delivers. This system I’ve developed includes detailed user guides, video guides, templates and everything I could possibly think of into one complete integrated system.

I surveyed over 300 actual government job applicants and using this valuable feedback refined my software system with over 30 people who test drove it (many of whom got jobs using this very system).  This process cost me thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights but the end result is very very good.

And I’m sure you will find it very good too.

Selection Criteria Writer Box

Selection Criteria Writer

What is Selection Criteria Writer?

Selection Criteria Writer is a government job application software system, the first of it’s type that helps you quickly and easily create:

In short it’s a type and click software system using tried and tested templates that took months to fine tune. When I first tested it, a response that normally took me 3 hours to complete was done in just 20 minutes!
You see, because of my training and background in government, I know exactly what interview panel members are looking for in selection criteria responses, just as your applications will be noticed using this very system!

Selection Criteria Writer is the result of over fifteen years of hands on government experience resulting in the cream of the cream being used to refine and fine tune a system that works and is creating a lot of excitement.  I’ve designed it to make the job of addressing selection criteria as quick and easy as possible.

So while other job applicants experience writer’s block and spend hours and hours writing applications, then waiting and hoping for the ‘can you attend an interview’ phone call, you will save time, stand out, and be recognised by anyone reading your application leaving the others in your dust.

Are you unsure how to address selection criteria and how to structure selection criteria answers?  All the help you need is right here!

Do you desperately need selection criteria examples?  Selection Criteria Writer lays it all out plain and simple.

Here’s Why…

By using Selection Criteria Writer, you’ll have a distinct advantage by having your skills and experience powerfully presented in your application.  It will give you an edge.

And I’m certain that it’s an edge that you really want, isn’t it?

Imagine this – you’re sitting at home late on a Sunday night.  The application is due the following Monday.  You’re still on selection criteria 1, there’s a bunch of your old applications scattered all over your desk.  It’s hard to keep track of all the copying and pasting that’s going on.  Time for another coffee….


OK – Here’s the part that covers exactly what’s in the Selection Criteria Writer package.

Can I ask you to reflect for a moment….Have you experienced any of the following in relation to your past experiences when applying for a government position

The Top Six Selection Criteria Frustrations

I surveyed over 300 people and their top six frustrations are listed below.  See if you click with any of these…

The truth is I wasn’t surprised at the pain and suffering expressed by survey participants regarding the difficulty experienced with the process and lack of assistance available.   

This valuable feedback helped lay the solid foundation of Selection Criteria Writer.

The above list is now a distant fading memory…..Selection Criteria Writer solves all of these frustrations with a click and type process you could almost do blindfolded, it’s that easy.

How Can You, Benefit By Using
Selection Criteria Writer?

Included are selection criteria examples and step by step tools to help you with addressing selection criteria.  I’ve also included sample selection criteria from a variety of roles too.

You can create a complete selection criteria application in a fraction of the time it normally would take whether you are new to the process or have years of experience

By following a simple type and click process, you can easily create an application that clearly showcases your strengths, skills and experience

You will be able to cut through the competition and be confident that the interview panel members will quickly recognise you as a competent applicant that will be added to the interview list

Quickly outline in clear and compelling language your experience including practical examples (the work has all been done for you, all you need to do is fill in the blanks)

Save yourself hours of unnecessary pain and frustration

Gives you an edge through tips and strategies regarding how to build a relationship with the panel well before the interview

You won’t find anything close to Selection Criteria Writer anywhere  – it’s completely unique and is the result of over two years of painstaking research, design and development

The Features of
Selection Criteria Writer include

Selection criteria templates that are ready to go, all that’s required is for you to add the pieces through a simple type and click process
This process is much quicker than typing a selection criteria response from scratch as the layout is all done for you with fully automated templates
A simple and easy step by step process that provides you with a crystal clear view of what to do and how to effectively showcase your skills and experience
An extensive frequently asked questions page (not available to the public) that guides you all the way – not that you’ll need it because it’s so easy to use
A video tutorial library –  with just one click you can hear and see exactly what to do.
Detailed User Guides for each selection criteria that provide you with step by step instructions so that you feel absolutely confident and satisfied with an application that will effortlessly showcase you as a winning job applicant


Plus There’s More

Do You Want 3 Government Job Application Tips
That Will Get The Attention Of
Your Interview Panel?

There are two phone calls that are ESSENTIAL prior to writing your application and interview.  Not making these calls could make the difference between getting an interview or being dumped in the ‘too bad’ file.  I’ll tell you exactly what to say step by step.
A secret tip that very few job applicants include in their selection criteria responses.  I’ve read hundreds of selection criteria applications and less than 3% actually do this!  This is a proven and tested technique.
One closely guarded research tip, not commonly used that will virtually guarantee you an interview – I’ll spell it out for you step by step.   I really have no idea why more applicants don’t do this! 


After You Download The Software To Your Computer,
You Simply Double Click Your Mouse On The
‘Selection Criteria Writer’ Icon
And You’re Ready To Go!

Below is exactly how the Desktop Icon and Main Menu will appear on your pc desktop:

Selection Criteria Writer desk top icon

Desktop Icon

Selection Criteria Writer Main Menu

Selection Criteria Writer Main Menu

Click below to see this must have software
“Selection Criteria Writer in 45 Seconds”

I’ve made it so easy and simple for you – all the help you need is one click away.

Online Video Training FAQ Resources


It’s As Easy As 1-2-3!

1. Point and click your mouse to choose the task you wish to commence eg: cover letter, resume or selection criteria response
2. Type and click your responses
3. Copy and Paste your completed text into a word document.You can then format your application to have your own unique professional look (there’s even a video tutorial showing you exactly what to do at this step!)

BENEFITS You’ll Get By Using
Selection Criteria Writer Today…

Immediate access to a step by step software system
The layout and structure is all taken care for you
  Selection criteria examples that make it so easy for you
  Tips on addressing selection criteria (over 14 pages of words and phrases sorted by categories!)
  Easy to use – just type your responses and click
  Online help is right at your fingertips
There’s even video tutorials to help you at every point
Watch me guide you every step of the way!
A handy key words and phrases list sorted into categories
Ongoing email tips and strategies
You’ll be delighted with the end result – and how easy and quick it was to produce an application all ready to go!
Feel more empowered and get the job you deserve
Can it get any easier? Check this out…Yes it does get easier.Here’s a sneek peek at Selection Criteria six,See how clear the instructions are? 0-sc6_ex

There is simply nothing on the market that comes even close!

“But hey Glenn, won’t it mean that my
application will look and read the same
as others using this software?”

The short answer is no!

Here’s why..

As you can see in the example above, the software allows you to effortlessly add individual detailed responses describing your unique skills and experience – your application will also have it’s own formatting style – guaranteed to stand out!

Would a $15,000 pay rise help you? Below is an email from a user of Selection Criteria Writer who achieved that in just weeks…..


default image

Hi Glenn,

Your Selection Criteria software was a dream come true as I was applying for a job back in April and had no idea of how or what to write for all the selection criteria asked for in the job application I was applying for.

You had explained every aspect in such a clear and concise way that i was able to use in my application and believe it or not I got the Job in June, So thank you so much for your assistance

Steven C. Human Resources Officer, Brisbane, QLD July 22, 2015


default image

Hi Glenn,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your software

Over the passed two years I have applied for a number of government positions without success. When I heard about selection criteria writer I was willing to give it a try.

It was much more then I expected. I found the program so easy to use and was amazed at how quickly I was able to put together a professional application far better then anything I had done previously.

Getting a call for an interview proved to me that Selection Criteria Writer was a wise choice.

Anna P. Cronulla, Sydney, NSW July 22, 2015

Here’s the interesting part…

 7 FREE Bonuses – Yours To Keep
When You Try Selection Criteria Today!

After talking and listening carefully to government job applicants from around the country, it became clear that there was not enough support specifically available to meet the exact needs of job seekers (again people just like you).

We listened and came up with the following support resources – all available to you absolutely free.


Email Coaching
“Ongoing Coaching To Support You”

 Members Only Email

I’m going to provide you with a coaching program with private reports, videos loaded full of tips and much more to support you in getting that interview.  You will be thrilled with the quality of this bonus help. This is an exclusive service not available to anyone else.


Special Interview Preparation Report
“Interview Strategies For Government Jobs Revealed”

  Bonus Report

{image bonus report}

A bonus report outlining the 7 secret strategies to interview preparation.  These tips will boost your confidence and impress the interview panel members because you will be speaking their ‘language’.

This report features a technique called the ‘two phone call’ strategy.  Heard of it?  Most job applicants haven’t.  If you’re not doing this then your application may crash and burn.


  4 Expert Audio Interviews
“4 Top Experts Reveal Exactly What To Do”

Bonus Interviews

{image audio interviews}

4 audio interviews with industry experts.  I interviewed the best experts I could find and asked the exact questions that you are asking.  And do these experts deliver?……absolutely.   This bonus on it’s own is worth $97!!

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your living room and having exclusive time with four industry experts who talk about tips and strategies that will skyrocket your success.

There is nothing else available online that comes anywhere close to this.


Special Keywords and Phrases Report
“14 Pages Packed with Insider Government
Keywords And Phrases”

Bonus Report

{image keywords report}

You’ll absolutely love this one …. Over 14 pages of key words and phrases in sub-categories that will help you get the immediate attention of the Interview panel.  (This is not some lame A4 list of words).

 You could have this report in your hands in just a few minutes from now.  Imagine how much time this will save you…


Special Website Research Report
“Insider Website Research For
Government Applications & Interviews Revealed”

Bonus Report

{image website research report}

This bonus report provides tips on government research prior to attending an interview, so you will have the confidence and knowledge to impress the panel.  All government job applicants need to be doing this….


Amazing Video Tutorials
“Watch Over My Shoulder As I Take You Through
The Process Of Using My Software”

Bonus Video Tutorial

{image over shoulder video tut}

Amazing online video tutorial resources not available to the public. These videos are guaranteed to help you fast track your applications and stand out from the crowd.

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is?


Special Interview Tips Report
“Insider Interview Tips  For
Government Interviews Revealed”

Bonus Report

{image interview tips}

Boost your confidence with this amazing report that details
the top 8 tips for feeling relaxed and confident
at your next interview

What would these bonuses cost if you were to purchase them separately?

Bonus Cost
Ten Follow up Emails including videos, reports and other free resources over ten weeks $297
Interview Preparation Strategies Report $27
Four audio interviews with industry experts $97
Key Words and Phrases Report $27
Website Research Tips Report $27
Additional video tutorial resources (not publicly available) $97
Interview Tips for Government Job Applicants $27
Grand Total of Bonuses $599

So that’s a total of $599 worth of bonuses for you..

Absolutely free!

Buy now I’m sure you can see the choice is simple…..


default image

Dear Glenn

Your software is absolutely amazing.

Writing selection criteria is something I really dislike.  Normally I wait until the last minute and really struggle to put my experience onto paper.

Selection Criteria Writer was a fantastic surprise to me.  I downloaded the software and within minutes I was able to begin putting together an application and was surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to complete the application.

Thanks so much for making things a lot easier for me

Anne Tait Cairns, QLD July 22, 2015

So, what’s a resource like this worth?

Let’s take a look at what products and services are currently available to applicants just like you.

Selection Criteria Writer offers so much more than all of the above options COMBINED!

Users of Selection Criteria Writer have suggested it’s worth well over $200, but we wanted to make it more affordable to the majority of job applicants who can really use this tool.

So as an introductory offer for Selection Criteria Writer customers, we are offering you a very special ….

not  $97.00

Only   $57.00

(US Dollars) – valid for the next 10 days only!
for subscribers only!

Is this good value?, you can bet your next job interview it is!


Selection Criteria Writer respects your privacy.

How To Get Started Right Now…

After you click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button below, you’ll be taken to my 100% risk-free order page that will summarise what you get with your order today. Once you decide “yes”,  you will click the order button at the bottom and be taken to a secure order page for your credit-card information.

We use PAYPAL, one of the Internet’s leading third-party secure processing companies.  Your order information is completely confidential — only PAYPAL and your credit-card company can access the information.

Your order is processed immediately and you’ll get a tax invoice for your $197 $57 purchase with a transaction number. You will then be taken automatically to our secure site, where you can download the Selection Criteria Writer software and Bonus Items in just a few minutes. You will have instant access.

Only   $57.00

That’s less than a nice dinner out.

But imagine the celebration dinner you will have after you get the job!

This is incredible value and may go up at any time in the near future


100moneyback Special offer for subscribers onlyHurry this offer won’t last!Here is my 100% Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

You have a full 56 days to use Selection Criteria Writer absolutely risk free.

If for some strange reason you feel it does not deliver on everything you want or expect, or you are not thrilled with your purchase in every possible way, I want to know about it.  Simply write an email stating you’d like your money back. I’ll issue you a refund immediately. And I WILL LET YOU KEEP SELECTION CRITERIA WRITER ANYWAY!

Yes, you read that correctly. PLUS, you will also keep whatever bonuses you have received.

So you really have everything to gain! Selection Criteria Writer is yours no matter what!

Please try it today, risk free, and see for yourself just how remarkable Selection Criteria Writer is and — most importantly — the success you will be able to achieve with this amazing tool..

A further message from the creator of Selection Criteria Writer

Mr Glenn Ayrton

Glenn Ayrton Author of Selection Criteria Writer


Thank you for visiting today. I would love to hear your success story.  Please write to me, I read every customer’s email personally.

Yours for success


Glenn Ayrton
Designer and Creator of
Selection Criteria Writer

Government job applications made easy…

P.S. – Just imagine… Saving time and having everything you need at your finger tips with Selection Criteria Writer. You are moments away from having a PERSONAL, powerful application assistant right from the comfort of your home.  100% Guaranteed

P.P.S – Remember, for a limited time you will receive 7 Bonuses. The value of these bonuses is well over $599 in value!.

P.P.P.S – Keep in mind, once you download Selection Criteria Writer to your computer, you can use it as many times as you like!  Oh and it is likely you can claim the purchase as a tax deduction!   Make sure you check this with your Accountant.

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